So cool that BFFs Tatiana von Furstenberg (Diane’s daughter) and Francesca Gregorini (Ringo Starr’s stepdaughter) wrote and directed their first film together.  The film, “Tanner Hall,” reflects on their own adolescent experiences in boarding school, and their friendship. I can imagine that such a project would test even the strongest friendship. In this interview they talk about that challenge:

Von Furstenberg: “Francesca and I have very different work styles. She’s very slow and thorough in combing through things, and I tend to just trust my judgment on the first throw up.”

Gregorini: “The editing process is the final word. It’s your last chance to put together your movie. Deciding on takes was grating after a while.”

Q: Do you think you will direct together again?

Gregorini: “I’m the eternal optimist and I want to say yes. However I can guarantee you that we’re both going to do a separate film each after this. We may come on to produce the other person’s film because we’re such an amazing support system for each other.”

Thick and thin.